In order to guarantee the reserve’s preservation, your safety, and the comfort of you and others, the reserve enforces the following rules:

  • No Alcohol. Drinking and swimming is a deadly combination.
  • No Music. We propose you listen to the natural concert around you.
  • No Pets Allowed.  Please leave any pet at home, as a matter of safety.
  • Do not break or scratch trees or rocks. Allow them to tell their own story.
  • Engaging in sport/adventure activities different from those established by the reserve is strictly prohibited.
  • Bonfires and BBQs are utterly prohibited outside of the camping zone.


In order to confirm your reservation, you must read and accept the terms in this document.


  • A deposit of $50,000.00 COP is required at the time of check-in. This deposit will be returned at the end of your stay, after handing back keys and rooms are verified for anomalies.


  • Once inside the reserve, all transactions are done using cash. The reserve does not accept checks or credit cards.

NO podemos aceptar cheques. NO podemos aceptar tarjetas débito o crédito.


  • The reserve does not assume any responsibility with respect to objects of value left in rooms or in common areas. The front desk will store any valuable (Cameras, Jewels, Cell-Phones, Electronics) in a safe, accessible at your request.


  • Our restaurant offers a set menu of local plates. This menu does not include beverages, these com at an additional cost.
  • Orders with fish as main course will cost an additional $4,000 Pesos.
  • No refunds will be made for meals purchased under a plan, and not consumed by the user.


  • Activities offered at the Reserve are NOT INCLUDED within the price of your room.
  • In order to participate in these activities, visitors and guests must reserve a spot for each desired activity, in the activities booth.
  • Engaging in sport/adventure activities different from those established by the reserve is strictly prohibited.
  • Only official guides approved by the reserve are allowed to operate activities.
  • The reserve has the right to approve or revoke individual’s participation in any activity, on the basis of their physical state. Participating in activities under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited.


The Rio Claro Nature Reserve does not reimburse cancellations. Given the need, a client can reschedule their reservation for a period of six months.
Reserve does not reimburse clients who decide to shorten their stay.