The via ferrata -Italian for Iron Road- is a protected climbing route ascending along the canyon’s limestone cliffs.

The essence of a via ferrata is a steel cable which runs along the route and is periodically (every 3 to 10 metres) fixed to the rock. Using a via ferrata kit (harness, helmet, carabiner, gloves) climbers can secure themselves to the cable, protecting them from any fall. Take up the challenge of coordinating body and mind, discovering the geological history that the canyon’s walls offer as you ascend the iron tracks.

Technical Specifications

Total Ascent: 150 Meters

Ascent Type: Two walls in Vertical Ascent, One wall in Horizontal Ascent

Total activity duration: 1:00  Hour

Effort Level: High

Minimum Age: 18 years

This activity is not apt for pregnant women, individuals with cardiac afflictions, joint lesions, impairments, etc.


Safety Measures: helmet, harness, carabiner, gloves.

Indispensable: closed shoes or latched sandals (no flip-flops), comfortable dry-clothes, tied hair.

Not to take: keys, wallet, cell-phone, sunglasses or any other type of accessory.

Book in Advance: To secure a spot, it is recommended that you book as soon as possible.

Observe recommendations from official guides.

Good Physical State: this activity is physically intensive, and requires good physical shape.