Rafting EN

  • Fotografía: Ale Arango


Navigate down the river in inflatable rafts while enjoying the exuberant tropical rainforest that covers the entire canyon. Along the course, visitors will be totally immersed in the thick jungles that line both sides of the riverbank. An excellent opportunity for appreciating the amazing biodiversity offered by this region. The journey culminates at an imposing vaulted limestone ceiling that is testimony to the transformative powers of the river’s water cutting into the bedrock. Water droplets falling from gigantic stalactites that hang from a towering limestone cliff offer a breathtaking spectacle to the viewer.

Technical Specifications

Rapids: Class I & Class II 

Total activity duration: 2:30 Hours

Effort Level: Medium

Minimum Age: 4 years

Minimum Height: 1.00 meters

This activity is not apt for individuals with joint lesions, traumas,  medical conditions.


Safety Measures: helmet, vest and paddle.

Indispensable: shoes and clothing apt for water.

Not to take: keys, wallet, cell-phone, sunglasses or any other type of accessory.

Keep in Mind: Everything you take  gets wet.

Book in Advance: To secure a spot, it is recommended that you book as soon as possible.

Observe recommendations from official guides.

Anyone who requires hydration should bring their own supply of liquid.