A collection of rooms divided into four different lodges, each with its own unique  and mesmerizing perspective onto the canyon and its vertical forests. Constructed as rustic structures amidst the impressive karst formations, a refuge that opens up into the heart of the forest, these rooms offer the reserve´s most immersive experience. Astounding views of the surrounding ecosystem can be achieved from a myriad viewpoints, each abounding with textures, colors, hues, sounds, and forms. It is ideal for nature-lovers and people who want to have a direct contact with nature (something like tree leaves at the reach of their fingertips.

Visitors can choose between six different room types, which are organized according to the amplitude and depth of vision that each allows: Refugio Suite, Group Panoramica, Double Panoramica, Natura, and Standard.

Refugio (Superior Panoramica) These suites offer continuous balconies with wide-angle uninterrupted views of the canyon, the river, and surrounding vegetation. Double and Group Panoramica: Located in the middle and upper parts of the canyon, these rooms offer balconies with a panoramic view of the river  and its forest. Natura Partial views of the river,  balconies directly opening onto the forest. Estándar Located in the lower parts of the canyon, these rooms open up directly onto the forest.


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Habitación tipo Suite.



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Ubicadas en la parte alta de la Montaña, con vista al cañon, río y bosque.



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Ubicadas en la parte alta de la Montaña, con vista al cañon, río y bosque.



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Ubicadas en la parte intermedia de la Montaña, con vista parcial del cañon, río y bosque (Según el crecimiento del bosque alrededor).



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Ubicadas en la parte baja de la Montaña, con vista solo al bosque.






Four (4)  independent lodges with twelve (12) rooms each. Maximum occupancy per room ranges between 2 – 4 persons.



This collection of rooms is located at the very heart of the canyon, a ten minute walk along the canyon trail, starting  at  the restaurant. Only accessible by foot.